Bagged Audi S4 | Golf 6 GTi | MK1

Founded by Levi Niekerk, Capeflow Customs began its journey as a photography project. Seen as a way to test his photographic abilities, Levi wanted to capture the best of what the Cape Town car scene had to offer. After shooting a fellow friend’s custom Honda, the project took on Naiel Fortune to form the crew, Capeflow.

This partnership rapidly evolved into what it is today –  a custom air suspension company which specialises in custom struts, built-in house solanoids and boot displays.

Earlier this year, we did a combined feature with Southernstance Photography on Naiel’s Audi TT and Keenan’s Static BMW E36. To showcase how far the company has come in custom air suspension builds, a shoot of the entire Capeflow crew was organised.

 Although the black Mk1, owned by Rhiyaad van de Rheede, is part of the crew, his suspension was built by ES-Tech. Sporting 15” Rotiform Tmb with 8j all round, the Mk1’s boot display was done by Outlaw Airworx.

 A familiar name to all, Tariq Wannenberg recently upgraded to an Audi S4, which boasts an impressive 2-point solenoid setup with remote,  a twin tank with dual 444C Viair and a pair of 18” messer reps.

Mihkyle Sylvester’s Golf 6 GTi has a basic analog set up which features a twin tank with 1380C Viair. The shoot was a complex one due to severe winds and persistent security guards, but like always, we managed to pull through.

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