Bagged S2K Duo

Red VS Blue | Bagged S2000 Duo | SD Studios


To feed you hungry car scene peeps and keep your appetite going, instead of just shooting just one Honda S2000, we bagged two for our current feature – Yaeesh Mohammed’s spicy red-hot 2005 AP2, and Rahfiq Adam’s fresh Monte Carlo Blue AP1.

To add a little extra flavour, we also threw in a mansion. Because why the hell not. Lightly seasoned with some incredible photos from Mohammed Hoosain, we have an epic entrée ready to be served.

Determined to dominate Mazda Miata’s territory, the Honda S2000 AP1 debuted in 1995. This car earned its respect by having a reputation as a revving beast, pushing out a catastrophic 9000rpm. Playing in the same field as the Ferrari 458.

Since then, the popularity of the S2000 on the scene has grown, particularly due to the car’s low build, aggressive look and power-filled performance. Affordability may not be an issue, with parts being easily accessible, but Honda’s discontinuation of the model makes it even more difficult to find one in mint condition, even as a second hand chassis.


We have been wanting to shoot with Yaeesh for some time now, but waited as he had some upgrades in mind. While initially sporting a pair of white 18″ Varrstoen E52 wheels, the car had a full respray at Alpha Bodyworks, with Ferrari Red chosen as the next thing for this sleek chassis. Once Naiel from Capeflow installed an air suspension kit and Yaeesh began shopping for a new rim colour, we knew this car would be elevated to the next level. The air kit is custom built, with UAS Over BC Coils in the front and rollover struts on the rear.

As challenging as it may be to find rims to suit the S2000, due to the offset and PCD, Yaeesh decided to keep the Varrstoens and do a full metal diamond-cut finish at Wheel Worx.

Let’s not forget about Rahfiq’s dream car – the Monte Carlo Blue S2000, with it’s 18” CCW, high polished lip and simplistic, clean look. Its air suspension was recently installed by Outlaw Airwurx; boasting double convolutes in the front and rollovers struts in the rears.

There is much more to come from this duo. Rumour has it that they plan to bag a few more S2000s, which will hopefully be joining them in the near future. Big ups to both drivers for pulling through and organising the awesome location.